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Why Travel to Mt. Kailash with Mission Eco Trek?

Small Group

Mt. Kailash Tour GroupSmall group, ecologically safe, well trained staff; light equipments and highly reliable and personalized service and travel with a maximum of just fifteen member travellers is our primary MISSION. Traveling with less than 15 fellow travellers; this is small enough to avoid making a negative impact on the places you visit and the people you meet but large enough to have a good time with other travellers from around the world.

Commitment to Safety

Since last 13 years, we have always refined our operational procedures and improved our approach to your safety and security. Our leaders are all trained in first aid and emergency management, so if something does go wrong, you are in good hands. Prevention is the main key though, so things like food preparation and hygiene are given top priority. Safety tools and equipments are also fundamental. We provide down jacket and sleeping bag (minus twenty degree) for holy trip to Mt. Kailash. Also we carry first aid kits on high-altitude tours in Kailash; we always carry (Gaymow Bag) Portable Altitude Chambers in case of altitude sickness.

Stress Free Travel

We also focus on taking the hassles and tedium out of travelling for you, so you can focus on the scenes around you. Arrival you will be received by Mission Eco Trek and escorted to hotel. All your accommodation and transportation is taken care of. The hotels in the towns and cities are well located, have private facilities and in Tibet (Mt.Kailash), are simple accommodation and two man tents with out conditioned and often have to shear with group. Private buses and landcursirs are used on all longer road journeys to guarantee our freedom to explore and to increase your comfort. Entrance fees are included for all the sites, monastery and activities listed in the itineraries.

Quality Service

Mission eco trek never compromise in quality service. We provide warm and quality down jacket, slipping bag and necessary equipments for the holy trip to Mt. kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Our staffs are always there to give you personalized service which makes your trip more comfortable, unforgettable and success. Our more than 13 years of experience has made us aware in offering adventurous experiences without making our clients discomfited. In particular, due consideration is given on quality accommodation, transport and equipments. Precisely, with the genuine feedback of clients from every tour and close communication with our trip leaders and staff, we constantly monitor the quality of our operations and adopt positive innovations.

Well Trained Staff

We have well trained staff and they are truly experienced, well organized and supportive team that wants to share our beautiful trekking and holy trips with our clients. They believe in quality rather than quantity. Because of our staff, the Mission eco trek family is much more than just a company.

Respect for the Environment

Camping is the preferred way to enjoy one of the most beautiful and fragile spots on earth, because it allows you to be close to nature.
Your sensitivity for your surrounding will influence others and your team will help with these simple guidelines.

  • Does not leave anything except your footprints on the trail, and do not take away anything except photos.
  • Use bio-degradable or burnable disposables.
  • Do not leave waste burning on a site. Bag and remove plastic and tins for your disposal later.
  • Ensure that toilets are dug at least 50 meters from the camp, and cover with earth on departure.

Competitive Price

We are committed in competitive, fixed and fair cost. Our prices remain same to all. We don't believe in cheating. We do our best to make your trip a lifetime memorable and comfortable.

Commitment to community

we believe in social service. We always give something back to the areas where we are operating our activities. Wherever we work, we facilitate the local community. We want to ensure tourism benefits local communities, rather than exploiting them. Besides, we support a number of national and local charity organizations, particularly where they have the infrastructure to undertake specific campaigns.